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Who for / how much / how long is a session?

  • Everyone can benefit from SOMAtherapy no matter what your age or physcial capability.  Obvious physical movements are not necessary, you may be bed ridden and can still benefit from SOMAtherapy.  Somatic therapy is always mindful of encouraging you to learn to trust what YOUR body wants and/or needs.  Any physical movement should be enjoyable and comfortable and does not require previous dance or exercise experience.  


  • A SOMAtherapy session lasts for approximately 1 hour, cost $120.  Sliding scale concession available on request.


  • Online sessions via Zoom, Skype or phone available.

How many sessions will I need...

My goal, as a Somatic Therapist, is to enable you to find ways of being at ease with yourself, realise your life goals and encourage you to find ways to cope when life feels challenging.  One session may be all that is necessary to move through a pattern which is 'stuck'. However, sometimes body mind patterns have become embodied over many years, perhaps the result of trauma or illness, these may take a longer commitment to establish peace and/or change.  No two sessions are ever alike, the number of sessions which will be of most benefit to you is therefore unique to you.

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